5 Luxury Vinyl Tile Designs That Will Spice Up Your Home

Whether you’re looking to buy a new house or remodel your current home, luxury vinyl tile offers a wide range of colors, styles and textures for you to choose from. Luxury vinyl tile, also known as LVT, stands up to water, traffic and scratch marks better than many natural flooring materials. LVT also allows you to choose the look and feel of the floor you want, often at a fraction of the price of natural materials.

Traditional Wood

Wood-patterned LVT comes in nearly as many different types of colors, textures and wood grains and the more expensive hardwood floors. You can choose from a traditional wood-grain pattern, or a stylish parquet design. LVT sections come in colors ranging from pale hickory and white oak, to dark Brazilian cherry and English walnut. You can also choose from a high-gloss or low-gloss finish, as well as a traditional or “distressed” wood look.

Natural Stone

Stone-patterned LVT gives the look and feel of the finest limestone, marble, or slate. These floors can add a touch of luxury to any room in the house with every step. You can also use different looks and textures around each room. The warm sand tiles in one room can blend into the cool slate in another. From classic white marble to rich dark shale, you can find the perfect mixture of colors and patterns to fit your home’s décor.

Ceramic Tile

LVT also comes in ceramic tile patterns. These patterns give the look of ceramic tile, without the cold, hard feeling under your feet. LVT is also more resistant to chips and scratches than ceramic tile, allowing your floor to maintain its beauty during years of heavy traffic. Some types of ceramic-style LVT also allow you to add grout to it crevices for added beauty and protection.

Metallic Textures

If you’ve ever wanted the look and feel of luxury, without the big budget, then you should consider metallic LVT. Metallic LVT designs reflect a modern, technological style that compliments many different decorative themes. These LVT designs can resemble pewter, copper, silver or gold. Choose the color, size, and texture that best fits your modern lifestyle.

Geometric Patterns

LVT doesn’t have to be basic to be attractive. Today’s LVT products also come in a wide range of geometric and artistic patterns. These patterns range from simple shapes to creative designs and come in a wide range of colors. From interlocking hexagons to colorful zig-zags, LVT gives you the options to be as creative with your floor patterns as your imagination will allow.

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