Dark wood flooring seems bold or intimidating to some people but they are actually easy to incorporate into almost any decor. Dark colored wood flooring can be used as a neutral to set the mood and tone for your design concept.

Tips for decorating with dark wood flooring

Dark hardwood floors can attract the eye and overpower lighter-colored objects, disturbing the sense of balance. Try repeating the color somewhere else in the room. You can accessorize with picture frames, pillows or lamps in the same shade as your flooring.

A dark Hardwood floor can act as a mirror to reflect your other furnishings. A dark floor can also give your room a sense of depth.

Dark wood flooring works well with almost any interior style. The clean, simple lines of metal and white leather look great on a black or dark gray wood floor. French Country and Early American styles go great with dark wood flooring.

Light pastel colors soften the look of dark wood flooring. Bright, light shades have a sharp contrast which will enhance the beauty of the wood.

Don’t be afraid of dark wood flooring. The affect can be stunning. The beauty timeless.