Foam Laminate Floor Pads

Kronoswiss 3-in-1 ProVent Silent Vapor Barrier Flooring Underlayment w/ Overlap & Micro-Pumping System
Kronoswiss ProVent
This multifunctional pad from Kronoswiss provides advanced sound insulation when walked on, and a built-in micro-pumping system provides air circulation and eliminates water vapor from the floor.
SPECIAL: $0.35 per sq. foot, $75.00 per 215 sq. foot roll
Quiet Walk Pad – Polyester Fiber w/ Vapor Barrier
This product is really worth the extra expense. This is a very dense fiber pad. It is not foam. It not only will make the floor a lot quieter to walk on, it makes minor dips and mounds in the sub floor much less noticeable. I have installed a lot of laminate with and without Quiet Walk and this stuff is incredible.
$0.59 per sq. foot, $59.00 per 100 sq. foot roll
Silverguard 4 in 1 Pad
Great moisture-barrier protection and sound reduction
$0.25 per sq. foot, $25.00 per 100 sq. foot roll

Trims and Moldings

*SALE* 5 1/4″ Tall Traditional Profile Baseboard

High quality, real wood primed baseboard (not MDF). Traditional profile. IN STOCK NOW!
SPECIAL: $1.59/linear ft., 16 ft length

Used to bridge the expansion between laminate floors, from one room to another, or as a transition between laminate flooring or carpet of equal height. Includes Metal track and fasteners.
72″ (6 feet) piece – $20.00
*Some T moldings available in 8 ft. lengths ($23.00)
Used to make the transition from the laminate flooring height to a flooring system of lesser height such as vinyl or tile. Includes metal track, and fasteners.
72″ (6 feet) piece – $20.00
*Some Reducers available in 8 ft. lengths ($23.00)
Carpet End Cap
Carpet End Cap
Used between the floating floor and the carpet, and is also used for the finishing of the laminate edge on outside doors.
72″ piece (6 feet) $20.00
Overlap Stair Nose
Overlap stair nose
Used for installation of stairs.
96″ (8 feet) piece $28.00
Quarter Round
Quarter Round
Used to provide expansion area coverage at the perimeter walls in those situations where the existing wall base will remain in place.
96″ (8 feet) piece $6.00
Wall Base
Wall Base
Commonly called base board, protects lower section of wall from damage.
96″ (8 feet) piece $16.00

LVT finish moldings

We stock many profiles of LVT finish moldings. We have too many to list them all. Please call Daryl for specific needs at 281-734-7574.