White wood flooring is becoming more popular. A white wood floor can create the illusion that the space it is in is larger than it seems. White is a light, airy, and calming color. A white floor can act as a blank canvas to show off colors, art and the furniture in the room.

Do you have wood furniture, mirrored accents, metal legs, chrome and glass accents? A White wood floor can complete an eclectic, modern look.

Is your room filled with soft floral prints? Checked or striped fabrics, pottery, baskets? You can add a White wood floor and create a rustic or
french country style complete with slightly worn furniture and various antiques.

White wood floors go well with fresh colors and tones of blue and white. Bamboo, orchids and bold-colored accents create an Asian decorating style.
A weathered white wood or laminate floor can create a coastal theme using light blue, navy and white fabrics and striped accents. These combined with a few seashells will evoke a light and breezy ocean feel.

White wood flooring goes so well with so many different decorating schemes that you can keep the same floor as your themes change.