Learn Why “Big Box” Stores Are No Bargain For Flooring

Thousands of customers each year purchase their flooring materials from “big box” retailers. These stores make millions of dollars from customers who have little to no experience in selecting, installing or maintaining their flooring products.

While you may save a few pennies per square foot shopping at a “big box”, the costs of their mistakes and inexperience can run well above what you would pay for all the benefits you would get from a flooring expert.

You Want Professional Installers

Some large retail outlets also offer installation on your flooring purchase. While some of these installers may have professional experience, others may make simple mistakes that can cost you money. These mistakes can include failure to clean the base floor before installing the adhesive layers or using the wrong kind of grout for your tile. Mistakes like these can lead to unsightly floors, warped surfaces and water damage. The professional installers at Direct Source Flooring know how to avoid these mistakes and ensure that the job gets done right the first time.

You Want a Wide Selection

Despite their name, “big box” stores still have limited space for flooring materials. Since their shelves are crammed with everything from electrical equipment to paint supplies, you’ll have a difficult time finding just the right flooring materials for your project. A professional flooring warehouse, such as you’ll find at Direct Source Flooring, has ample space for all types of flooring. You can check out different styles of hardwood floors, luxury vinyl tile, laminate flooring, and accessories.

You Want Personal Attention

In spite of their best efforts, the workers at many large home improvement retailers are either overworked, under-qualified, or both. They may not have the experience, the know-how, or the resources to give you the attention you need. At Direct Source Flooring, we recognize the importance that your flooring project has on the look and feel of your whole home. Our experts are prepared to give you the attention you need and to answer your questions about all our materials.

You Want the Best Value

In today’s economy, many homeowners look for ways to save money, time and effort. While the materials at the large home improvement stores may be less expensive per square foot, these materials may suffer damage more easily than the higher-ticket materials. Our staff at Direct Source Flooring understands that you want the best value for your flooring purchase. We can show you how buying quality materials at reasonable prices can contribute to the investment you’ve made in your home.

For more answers to your flooring questions, come see the experts at Direct Source Flooring. Our staff has a combined four decades of experience in flooring sales, service and installation. We can guide your through the hundreds of floor material samples in our warehouse. And that’s something a big box store simply can’t offer.

Before you choose a flooring material for your next project, come see us first. Fill out the form on the right to set up an appointment today!

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