Laminate Flooring Styles Blend Trends with Tradition

While many decorators focus on the walls, furnishings and color schemes in determining a home’s look and feel, many of them may not be aware of the options available with today’s laminate flooring styles. The choice of laminate flooring styles can create a striking effect in any home and can go along with the theme the decorator has in mind. The best choice among the major laminate flooring styles can complete a home’s look, whether the décor carries a contemporary theme or a traditional appearance.

Laminate Flooring Styles Complement Interior Design Themes

Many laminate flooring styles serve to complement the themes interior designers use to create their distinctive looks. For instance, a wood-grain laminate flooring style works well in a rustic theme, but also provides more durability than traditional hardwood floors. A laminate floor that resembles tile can integrate seamlessly into a home with a classical look, with much less time and expense required for materials and installation. Laminate floor styles can also offset a design theme to offer a contrast to the overall look, a move which makes for a memorable and vibrant change of pace.

European Laminate Flooring Styles Stress “Rusticity”

The Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring recently released a report that shows how the region’s laminate flooring styles have leaned toward a used, rustic look. The products that display these styles range from products that appear freshly brushed and sanded to those that resemble construction timbers with traces of imitation cement. Wood-style laminate flooring styles, especially those that have the look of elm, ash or walnut wood, are also seeing a rise in popularity.

Technology Creates Variety in Laminate Flooring Styles

The report also stated how new technologies have created a wider range of laminate flooring styles. A new printing method, known as synchro-pore, allows manufacturers to create products that include fine veins, deep knots and distinctive pore structures. This method also creates some variations on laminate flooring styles, such as adding layers of color or detail in wood grains, to make them stand out from the traditional looks currently available.

Check Out Laminate Flooring Styles at Direct Source Flooring

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