There are three basic components in a laminate floor.

  1. The wear layer on top.
  2. The core (center).
  3. The backing.

This is the top of the board. The products we sell are all commercially rated. They earn this rating by having a 50 to 100% thicker wear layer than our competitors. You don’t have to be an expert to be able to see the difference in the way these materials look. Some laminates don’t look much like real wood. The materials we sell look more authentic than anything you’ll find anywhere. Texture is very important to the overall look ot the product. It diffuses light and makes the laminate look more like real wood. When you look at laminate, you are actually looking at a photograph of wood. Most products have a fuzzy look to the photo. The floors we sell look very clear and authentic. You work hard for your money, don’t waste it on something that looks fake. You will be mad at yourself every day you come home from work and look at it.

Our core is rated at 190 lbs. Per sq. ft. This is 30 to 60% higher than most of our competitors. I went into Home Depot the other day and saw a product that initially was pretty impressive. It had a good texture, but when I picked it up I couldn’t believe how light it was. I don’t think it weighed one fifth of what our product’s weigh. The density of the board is very important. This is what makes the material resistant to denting and also makes it more stable (resistant to cupping or warping).

A lot of the early laminate products had either a paper backing or a thin melamine backing. If you look at a lot of laminate floors that have been installed for a while you will see something called cupping. The boards are slightly warped and it gives the overall effect of waves in the floor. Researcher’s finally determined that this was due to instability in the individual board’s. Everything we sell has a double melamine back. This is a very important feature. I have sold millions of feet of these products and have never had a warranty claim due to cupping or warping. This is really phenomenal.

9 reasons why Kronoswiss and Kronotex flooring are the better choice:

  1. Wear: The high wear resistance of the surface ensures that these floors preserve their value. No signs of wear and tear or tread marks are visible even after years of use.
  2. Non-fade: Strong light and direct rays of sunshine don’t make the surface fade. The colors still look brand new after years.
  3. Non-scratch: Kronotex laminate flooring is largely scratch-proof, and caster resistant according DIN norms. This flooring is not fazed by slips and heavy blows. The surface is still smooth and beautiful after many years of use.
  4. Chemical: Chemicals and cleaners used in the home are generally no threat to the resistant surface of Kronotex floors.
  5. Low flammability: Kronotex flooring is largely cigarette-proof and of low flammability. It doesn’t burst into flame at the first opportunity. Even when a cigarette falls, the laminate will rarely show any damage.
  6. Easy-care: Dirt and grime wipe off easily.
  7. Non-damaging to health: This flooring is manufactured without using PVC containing substances, PCB’s or dioxins and thus provide a healthy climate for living in. With its hygienic surface, it is also ideal for people with allergies.
  8. Robust: Even heavy furniture leaves no impressions in the areas where it is supported (to be recommended: felt padding).
  9. Easy laying: The low height allows simple and problem-free laying on existing floors. Laminate flooring is thus particularly suitable for renovation and redeveloping old buildings.

Structure of Laminate Flooring
The top is formed of a particularly resistant melamine related protective film (1), which is pressed together with the attractively resinated pattern film (2) to create a wear-proof surface. The support board (3) consists of a thin, highly compressed HDF fiber board E1. A damp hinderin stabilization film (4) on the base of the support board ensures the high form stability of laminate floors.

The result: an easy-care and wear-resistant floor with an attractive surface.

Laminate Flooring Packaging Contents and Dimensions
Packaging/unit: varies with product
Length: varies
Width: varies
Thickness: varies
Decoration surface area: varies
Package weight: varies
Utilisation Classes: AC 3-AC 5
* abrasion-resistant and suitable for castor chairs
* hard wearing and compression proof
* easy-care and hygienic
* stain and cigarette burn-resistant
* non-fading
* environmentally friendly HDF E1
* flameresistant B1 DIN 4102
* produced and tested in compliance with DIN/EN 13329